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Dear parents and students

A lifelong dream has been finally fulfilled in the city of Ioannina. A modern, European, qualitative and complete educational institution is a fact. An educational organization which comprises an elementary school and a junior and senior high school and responds to the needs of our time, to the modern era of science, technology, globalization and of constant changes, which impose to us new conditions of existence.


“Zografeio” Elementary school applies a standard curriculum which has been designed to boost our…

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Junior High School

“Zografeio” Junior High School introduces the graduates of elementary school in the demanding field of

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Senior High School

In “Zografeio” senior high school we give the opportunity to our students, through an extended, qualitative …

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A complete educational organization

A complete educational  organization in Epirus and north-west Greece which offers a high-standard education in Elementary School and Junior-Senior High School.



We expect from our graduate students to achieve high levels of performance which will guarantee their entrance to the  higher education.

High-skilled Staff

Experienced, qualified and strictly selected educational staff.

Modern Facilities

Zografeio functions in modern facilities of European standards. The Elementary school is located in Stavraki, Ioannina and the Junior-Senior High school is located in Dourouti, Ioannina.

Quality of studies

Flexible, functional, qualitative and student-friendly educational programs.


Reinforcing teaching

Extended program of reinforcing teaching which make every after-school tutoring a worthless financial burden.

Foreign languages/IT skills

A certified examination centre which provides with certifications in foreign languages and computer science.


Safe environment

Organized, safe and family environment where students learn how to organize themselves, to research, to discover, to act, to express themselves and to create.

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Dourouti, Ιoannina