In “Zografeio” senior high school we give the opportunity to our students, through an extended, qualitative and curriculum of high standard and by surpassing our expectations, to correspond effectively to the demands of this specific educational level and to fulfil their ambitions and achieve our common goals. “ Zografeio” senior high school doesn’t stick to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education but it has reinforced it inside school in order to achieve its goals more effectively and it functions as an all day school so it eliminates the need for after-school tutoring. 



Parent briefing

Constructive cooperation between parents and our school so as to provide with effective and complete feedback by our staff and school management.

Additional teaching aid

Extended teaching time with extra teaching time to cover all the details of the curriculum. Enough time for revisions, especially for sujects major, complete on time all the material for excellent performance and success in Panhellenic exams.


Simulation tests

Τhe evaluation of the achievement of our goals, besides oral and written exams, is supported with simulation tests in all the subjects that are examined in the Panhellenic exams.

Foreign languages and IT skills Certifications

Our students, besides their preparation for the Panhellenic exams, will complete foreign language learning by acquiring the relevant Certifications and they will certify IT skills since our IT laboratory functions as a certified examination centre.

Vocational orientation

Students in “Zografeio” senior high school are kept updated on vocational orientation issues with the Career Guide- Studies and profession of Stratos Stratigakis and on the completion of the Computerized Bulletin for the higher education candidates.

Knowledge and Culture

It is provided a well-rounded education appropriate to form an integrated personality. It is achieved with the students’ participation in sports and cultural events and in educational social visits.


A. Basic Principles

  • The aim of our school is for our students to complete their education, to form and integrated personality and to integrate smoothly in the society.
  • We aim at the acquisition of deeper knowledge and self-knowledge.
  • Our students are prepared for the higher education.
  • We expect from our students to enter universities which are in great demand and are between their first preferences.
  • The possibility of vocational orientation is offered.
  • There is a connection between studies and the job market.
  • Extroversion, sociability and cultural contact are reinforced.


B. Learning Goals

  • Preparation to succeed in the Panhellenic exams.
  • Extra teaching time for basic subjects.
  • Participation in international conferences and competitions.
  • Projects for the environment and social contribution.
  • Participation in championships and events.
  • Cultural events.

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